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Clamshell bucketDump Truck with Container Lift (BTALC)
Reference : BnT

Weight in running order: PV: 1300 kg - CU: 3500 kg - PT: 4800 kg

Chassis type: UPN 160 welded mechanics, rigid suspension fixed by 12vis M16 per nut, brake, drawbar UPN 160 double, allows an angle of
   More than 75 °.
   * Type of axle: square of 70
   * Inflatable: 900/16-R14
    * Hitch: Hook in swivel forge load 5 tons.
     * Type of parking of the tipper: with height adjustable stand and
      Parking brake.
   The ground clearance at all points of the loaded vehicle is 30 cm foot * Painting: Layer after, a layer in the oven of a yellow color canaris (or following command).
   * Electrical equipment: Flashing, stop & night light.
   * Lighting and signage: Complies with the Highway Code.
* Hydraulic system: A single acting cylinder for tilting the
   Dual-purpose cylinder for dumping of refuse, the system
  Being managed by a dual control distributor.